People oriented, win-win cooperation, create value and share the future

Have a dream, and to achieve the dream of going to do what others can not do, is in any case must go through faith, the courage to overcome difficulties of continuous efforts, this is the new building group's history, we are the driving force of growth. Now, we focus on becoming a creative enterprise of sustainable development, adhering to the "people-oriented, win-win cooperation, creating value and sharing the future"." The enterprise concept, in order to revitalize China and benefit the community as its own responsibility, warmly welcome all partners to participate in and win-win cooperation.


LOGO is the initial letter of "new construction"; "X""; """; "Z""; the main body of the logo. The elements of the original mark on the retention of enterprise, innovation in the overall composition and details of the deal, to maintain the continuity of elements of visual communication of enterprises, and enhance the overall smooth feeling and a sense of visual impact. The patterns of red and blue connect and complement each other. Like a support seat, companies move in the right direction and set goals. Clearly show the image of the enterprise.

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