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Sichuan Ruidi Medical Technology Co Ltd

Sichuan Ruidi Medical Technology Co Ltd

The company is engaged in R & D, production, sales, service and video rental of high-tech enterprises. Company to "scientific and technological progress, with service" for the purpose, in order to improve the treatment condition and the patient's quality of life as its mission, is committed to technology in the modern treatment field, has introduced a "safer and more effective" medical equipment and services. The company has a group of experts and scholars engaged in the field of research for many years, and with a number of research institutions in China established a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship. Now, the company has extended its business throughout the southwest, and gradually to the national radiation, the steady rise in development.
Cooperative customer:
More than 300 Sichuan Huaxi University, Sichuan Provincial Tumor and Tumor Hospital of Fujian Province, Guizhou Province Tumor Hospital, Henan Cancer Hospital, Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital, Yunnan Tumor Hospital, Tianjin Tumour Hospital, medical, Varian, Neusoft, Shenyang Institute of nuclear power and other customers.

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