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Chengdu new building Honghu Ltd.

Chengdu new building Honghu Ltd

Is a company with real estate development qualification, engaged in real estate development and management of the limited liability company. After 7 years of development, business development to include real estate development and construction, property services, urban construction of the whole process of operation and management system. Format products cover in commercial housing (including luxury apartments, villa development), city complex (office building, hotel and other functions) field, for the city of Chengdu has a competitive regional green real estate development enterprises.
New built property based in Xinjin, in Chengdu, Shuangliu, Pengshan, Dujiangyan and many other land reserve projects. New construction of real estate "build new Valencia" project is Xinjin "amorous feelings Shuicheng" landmark quality projects, access to the provincial and municipal excellent Garden District title. Currently under development "new Valencia Ding Ding Feng" project high-end residential projects, is the only area of the ultimate art deco style commercial residential buildings, Xinjin brought about a sublimation of the concept of living. New construction of real estate by leading the development of large-scale construction of Xinjin metro, Xinjin has become a leader in the field of real estate development and construction.

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