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Dujiangyan Kaida Green Development Co. Ltd.

Dujiangyan Kaida Green Development Co. Ltd.

The company is located in state-level tourist destination - Dujiangyan Qingchengshan resort in Pu Yang Zhen scale more than 5000 acres of land transfer, in order to carry out sports leisure, agriculture and forestry ecological tourism, the Taoist characteristics of rural tourism, and actively explore the Dujiangyan mountain valley economy development mode, the company from its own industry characteristics, combined with the Dujiangyan health culture, water culture, culture, ecological culture, modern agriculture and forestry ecological tourism development, starting from the forest with abundant Dujiangyan brigade, a ditch ditch domain characteristics of rural tourism, and optimize the industrial structure of the surrounding farmers, aquaculture promote forestry tourism tourism, nurturing the culture, promote the full region farmers' employment and entrepreneurship, the formation of the "13 industrial structure interaction, one after another", to promote the regional economy, society and nature, sustainable development To realize the economic benefits of the peasants, the enterprises should develop a low carbon, sustainable and harmonious new situation, and highlight the industrial pattern of "promoting agriculture by relying on agriculture and strengthening agriculture through tourism".

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