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The company after 10 years of extraordinary journey, from a production only expansion joint device and the rubber support enterprise development has become an integrated system can provide products and services for enterprises in the field of civil construction and public transportation. The new building shares has a complete industrial chain and cross regional industrial layout, the formation of the rail transit system, the function of the bridge components, geological disaster treatment, super battery manufacturing, noise and sewage treatment, special vehicles, electric buses, electric system of logistics system in the manufacturing industry, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai base, Meishan, Ya'an, Du Sydow building, established a nationwide marketing network, products are widely used in our country's high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, highway and bridge construction in the world, the joint venture company and branch company, products and services covering all over the country and 47 countries on four continents. Companies in the same industry in the earliest use of international standards, to participate in the formulation of 18 national or industry standards, has 438 patented technology, including the invention of 74 special items. In many countries, key projects have broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises on high-end bridge functional components, and have maintained the leading position in the industry.
The future, the company will continue to innovate and beyond, with more high-quality products and services, actively participate in the construction of new towns and public transportation, with excellent performance returns to shareholders, employees, customers, partners and society, to achieve the great Chinese dream to contribute.

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